Pokémon GO: The One Serious Problem Everyone Should Know About according to forbes

Pokémon GO: The One Serious Problem Everyone Should Know About

According to forbes report you should be worry about - Unless you’ve been living under a Snorlax, you’ve probably heard about the wildly popular new augmented reality game, Pokémon Go.

The game uses your smartphone’s camera, GPS, and position sensors to tell the game what to display and where, creating the illusion that cute little cartoon “pocket monsters” are standing in your living room, on the sidewalk outside, or in the park nearby. You grab free Pokéballs (to catch the critters, naturally) at local sites of historical interest. And businesses can purchase Pokémon “lures” as advertising to draw imaginary monsters and real fans to their physical location.

It’s a digital world overlayed over the real world, and it’s insanely popular. It is fast becoming the most successful mobile app of all times, was installed by 6% of all Android devices in the U.S. and is likely to surpass Twitter in the number of daily active users.

But the way the phone app works requires data — and lots of it — and problems have arisen with what the app collects, and what the company is doing with it.

News began to percolate that the game required full access to your Google account when you sign in.  Full access allows the app — and the company — to “see and modify nearly all information in your Google Account,” according to Google’s My Account privacy controls. It doesn’t have access to passwords or payment information, but it can read your emails, see what you’ve been searching for, and more.

The company, Niantic, said the request was a mistake and has reportedly changed the access requirement in updates to the game. But the question remains: Why did so many users give a game designed for 10-year-olds full access to everything Google knows about them?

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